Member Spotlight – December 2013

Susan Chambers legault_photo_Dec 2013 Spotlight Interview

Susan Chambers, SD

Chambers’ SAGE Editing & Research Services

After interviewing Susan for this piece, I learned the depth of what she has accomplished and how she lives what she believes through living her purpose and passion.  Her life experiences and her Master’s degree in Criminology from SFU helped to develop her research, writing and editing skills to further the causes of social justice that she later incorporated into her life and business.  From her vast experiences and consciousness, she empowers businesses and organizations through her writing, research and analytical skills.

Her passion for social justice and sustainable development issues is reflected in her book, Small Business, Big change: A Micro-entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Responsibility (Night Owls Press 2012).  This is a book for solopreneurs and microbusiness owners.  In this transformational book, she maps out the strategies practiced by larger businesses and tailors them to a scale that makes sense for the small business.  She shows the way to implement more socially responsible business practices, setting realistic goals and expectations, and taking small steps to grow and transform your business toward a greener and successful outcome for all.

Susan’s blog posts cover environmental and social justice issues, the writing process and spiritual issues, offering practical tips that inspire individuals and businesses to take action and create positive change.

Susan values both the connections she’s developing and her volunteer activities at SWAN.

She is definitely someone to chat with and explore what she has to contribute to your business, to the community and to the planet.

Contact Susan at
Find out more about her business, S.D. Chambers’ SAGE Editing & Research Services and blog here. Learn more about her book at

Interviewer: Ms. Nicklas Ehrlich.

Francine Legault

Full-time Realtor with RE/MAX Who Goes the Extra Mile for Clients.

Francine first got into sales in 1989 while she was working in the waste industry. Although she didn’t start selling real estate until 2005, Francine had been interested in real estate since the 1980s when she was inspired by a realtor who was finding her a house. Selling real estate allows Francine to combine three of her passions: helping people, selling, and decorating. (She also helps her clients with their home staging needs.) Francine loves seeing the look on her clients’ faces when she gets the best deal for them.

Francine offers the following words of encouragement to new entrepreneurs: Accept the past and learn from your mistakes, trust that the right opportunity will come along, and don’t give up too soon. She also advises new entrepreneurs to be realistic, plan ahead, make sure you have a healthy cash flow to support you, and have a back-up plan.

One of the biggest challenges that Francine had to overcome was moving to British Columbia from Quebec and having to learn English as an adult. She has since learned Spanish and Sign Language in addition to mastering English. Francine is also quite shy about speaking in groups. While networking events are a bit of a challenge, she notes it gets easier over time.

Francine makes sure she takes time for herself. When she’s not working, she loves hiking skiing, taking her dog for a walk, boating, knitting, and creating hand-made cards to send to clients.

Francine appreciates SWAN for the connections she has made and for helping her come out of her shell.

Francine can be contacted at You can learn more about her at

Interviewed by Susan Chambers.

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