Member Spotlight – January 2013

Patti Smyth - holihealth Nutrition & Lifestyle Training  Serena Gaspranov - ReMax Crest Realty

Patti Smyth

holihealth - Nutrition and Lifestyle Trainer

Patti Smyth has a passion for life and helping people make healthy food choices.  After many years of dealing professionally with people and their money, Patti transformed her skills of working with people, her love of eating and making food, with training to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  holihealth Nutrition and Lifestyle Trainers was formed with her business partner Nancy Buchanan after they met at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Being new entrepreneurs, Patti and Nancy wanted to walk their new path with other like minded women and to learn from those who were farther along the way.  Both of these aspirations were met through their association with Swan.  Patti finds that volunteering for Swan has allowed her to make deeper connections with the women there and these connections nurture both her and her business.

Patti’s new career comes at a time when her children are grown and she can choose how to spend her time.  She loves what she does so much she watches out for trying to be everything to everyone and saying no to more business than she can handle.  Her concern with maintaining balance and fear of burn out, allow her to stop, take a deep breath and say no when she feels overwhelmed.

Patti encourages women “to love what you do or do what you love, people get excited from your passion!”


You can learn more about Patti and Nancy’s business at


Interviewed by Eveline Kington.

Serena Gaspranov

Realtor - ReMax Crest Realty

If selling or buying a home, we all want to make the most of what the current market conditions are and that is where Serena Gaspranov comes in.  As a REALTOR for Remax Crest in North Vancouver she keeps her clients in the know.  Serena’s inspiration comes from helping make a difference in their lives.  With a background in strata property management and as owner of a boutique marketing company, selling real estate is a natural fit for her.

Managing her time was one thing Serena had to learn to do and she found that  keeping regular office hours, tracking her progress and learning to say “no” really helped her stay on track.

Serena’s words of wisdom are: “Have a plan, be flexible with it, banish any sense of self entitlement to keep you on your toes and stay competitive”.  Also “save some of your larger than life enthusiasm as a new entrepreneur so it can get you through when things may be a little slower”.  The advice that she has followed is to think strategically rather than randomly doing things.

To find balance in her life, Serena schedules regular holidays and date nights with her husband whom she has known since she was 16.  They are expecting their 1st baby end of January.  Her interests include yoga and walking her two dogs.

The women of diverse backgrounds and businesses of SWAN have been an inspiration to Serena and she enjoys seeing them supporting each other.

You can reach Serena at 604 828-2844 or

Interviewed by Monica Noel.


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