Member Spotlight – October 2013

linda_senenki Blanche Boyce

Linda Senenki

Social Synergy Design

Linda Senenki –Communications and Graphic Design Specialist
With an eye for design and a community-minded ethos, Linda is passionate about using her graphic design and branding expertise to offer affordable print and web design services to non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and socially-minded business professionals who share her values. As a socially conscious business owner herself, Linda has opted to donate a percentage of her fees to non-profit organizations that make a positive difference in their communities.
Linda has always excelled at art so she studied design and merchandising at Ryerson University. After completing her degree, she worked first for a Public Relations agency and then for the Heart and Stroke Foundation before starting her business Social Synergy Design.
When asked what advice she’d give to new entrepreneurs, Linda offered two suggestions. First, she emphasized the importance of setting up and using a well-defined schedule. Second, Linda suggested that rather than dwelling on mistakes, it’s best to learn from them and move on.
Linda maintains a balance between her career and personal life through prioritizing and scheduling.  She values her time with her family and gives her children the same focused attention she gives clients when she’s working.
When Linda joined SWAN, she volunteered to re-design the printed newsletter and enjoyed getting to know the members of SWAN’s executive team.  When the SWAN website needed an update, Linda was hired by SWAN to design a new website using WordPress. Linda appreciates the professional and welcoming energy of SWAN members and values the opportunity to  practice talking about her business and what she does.
You can contact Linda at and learn more about her company at

Interviewed by Susan Chambers

Blanche Boyce

Health Care Practitioner

Twelve years ago, Blanche was guided to become a Medical Qi Gong practitioner and Acupressure Therapist.  These practices have since become her purpose and her passion.  This style of bodywork has not only transformed the lives of her clients, but has also transformed her.
Like other branches of Chinese Medicine, Acupressure Therapy and Medical Qi Gong work with the body on all levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – allowing clients to move into overall health and well-being.  As the body and mind release tension, emotions become more balanced, and clients are better able to nurture themselves and live their lives on purpose.  Blanche says,  “This work allows clients the opportunity to relax at an extremely deep level and at a place where they can feel supported and nurtured.”
When Blanche is not supporting the health of her clients, she teaches movement style Qi Gong and practices Martial Arts and Tai Chi. She is the President of the BC Acupressure Therapists’ Association and publishes their newsletter. She also volunteers at the North Shore Women’s Centre.
Blanche has enjoyed being a member of SWAN where she not only continues to meet and develop relationships with inspiring women, but also has the opportunity to speak about her passion – “bodywork for health and longevity.”
She is committed to her work, to her own evolution, and to guiding and supporting her clients towards healthy and purposeful lives.
For more information, contact Blanche Boyce at or 604-760-4344.

Interviewed by:  Ms. Nicklas Ehrlich:  MSW, RCC

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