Member Spotlights – March 2013

Nancy Buchanan  Suzanne Sutherland October 2012

Nancy Buchanan

holihealth Nutrition and Lifestyle Trainer

Nancy Buchanan is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for learning about people and helping them with their nutrition and lifestyle needs.  With so much contradicting information about nutrition, people can become stressed and confused as to what the best food decisions might be. Nancy is motivated to help her clients take small steps to a healthier life.  She advises people to stick with whole foods and enjoys seeing her client’s health improve with better food and lifestyle choices.


Formerly a management consultant for a large company in Ontario, Nancy found that the routine of a nine- to-five job was not for her.  After attending the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and meeting her business partner Patti Smyth there, they teamed up and created holihealth Nutrition and Lifestyle Trainers.  Being a business owner and walking away from a steady income was a scary leap, and at times still is.  However Nancy appreciates that this decision has allowed her to have a more balanced lifestyle.  She includes Pilates, hiking and more recently snowshoeing in her life.  Nancy is also a Nordic Walking instructor, has been a Sun Run leader for a number of years and is passionate about animal welfare.


Membership with SWAN brings valuable relationships with like-minded women into Nancy’s life.  She loves the speakers and finds their varied perspectives enlightening.  The deeper connections that are created through her volunteering at SWAN, helps Nancy to feel more a part of the North Shore.  Nancy’s advice to new entrepreneurs is to know your customer and stay true to that.


To learn more about Nancy and holihealth - Nutrition and Lifestyle Trainers go to


Interviewed by Eveline Kington

Suzanne Sutherland

Thermographic Imaging Solutions

Suzanne has worked for over 20 years as a Homeopath and nutritional counselor, half of this time in London England. Losing her mom at 55 to breast cancer led her to Breast Thermography and to becoming a certified Thermographic technician. She specializes in performing breast health assessments, which involves taking infrared images of breasts to see how healthy/unhealthy they are and then making lifestyle/dietary recommendations to detox them if needed. She also images the thyroid/facial area to look for dental inflammation.


Suzanne uses her time wisely, spends it on things that matter and doesn’t sweat the small stuff.  She has overcome her anxiety regarding public speaking using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the realization that the information she has to give is valuable and important to share.  SWAN was her first networking experience and she has met some great women who inspire her to be the best she can be.


With her husband also in the wellness industry, Suzanne finds the best way to find balance is by getting outside the house, away from email and computers -- even if it’s just a walk with their beloved Pug Henri!  She's most proud of the relationships she has with her family, friends and animals.  Running a successful business where she is helping others, gives her deep satisfaction.


Wellness and animals are her passion. She loves the arts and reads great fiction for relaxation.  Something that may surprise you:  before Suzanne entered the wellness field, she was a dealer in a casino and once dealt black jack to Omar Sharif!


To find out more about go to


Interviewed by Monica Noel.

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