Member Spotlight – June 2014


Mabel Chan Serena Mellen

Mabel Chan

BMO Commercial Account Manager


Mabel Chan works closely with small to medium sized businesses to understand their financial needs and goals. She is a Commercial Account Manager with BMO Bank of Montreal and is one of three commercial bankers on the North Shore who work as a team to provide clients with a single point of access to meet all of their banking needs.

Her inspiration comes from the satisfaction of helping a client to fulfill their dream and achieve success as well as developing long-term relationships where the client views her as a trusted business advisor rather than their banker.

Mabel’s 25-year career with BMO has also included experience as a personal loans manager and branch manager. Taking on the management role forced her to step out of her comfort zone and seek out a mentor who coached her along the way. She is a believer in life-long learning, and BMO has been very supportive of her taking management training and HR courses as well as allowing her to achieve a Certified Financial Planning designation while raising a young family.

Some words of advice she offers new entrepreneurs are to take small steps, have patience, prioritize your time, and follow your business plan.

Being a SWAN member has benefited her both personally and professionally. She has enjoyed meeting many different small business owners and entrepreneurs, has been inspired by their successes, and has learned a lot from the guest speakers over the past couple of years.

Mabel loves traveling, cruising different parts of the world, taking long walks, gourmet dining and enjoying fine wine. She has a very positive outlook on life—she enjoys every moment, has no regrets, helps others, and she gives back when she can.

To talk with Mabel, please contact her at:

Mabel Chan

Tel: 604-903-3077

Cell: 604-346-8017


Interviewed by Jennifer Neudecker


Serena Mellen


Serena Mellen is passionate about helping people achieve their health, vitality and the lifestyle of their dreams. She organizes health education lectures and provides families with a whole food supplement called Juice Plus, ”the next best thing to fruits and vegetables” along with a state of the art aeroponic growing system called the Tower Garden to encourage families to grow their own food. “My mission is to inspire healthy living through our products and our incredible lifestyle opportunity,” explains Serena.


Serena is a landscape designer and master gardener. She has always had a keen interest in sustainable, organic growing and a passion for healthy living. With Juice Plus she was able to provide her family with the nutrition from 25 different raw fruits, vegetables and berries on a daily basis, and has been able to maintain the balance between career and personal life.


Her greatest achievement is impacting the health of thousands of people and making it possible for them to financially benefit from this business. She says, “There is nothing more rewarding than creating your own destiny doing something that you are passionate about and that you love.” She recommends creating a powerful WHY for what you are doing in order to avoid any pitfalls to your success.


Serena finds that Swan has been a wonderful resource for her business and also for the good friends that she has made over the years.

Contact her for more information on this incredible health product and the benefits of this lifestyle opportunity.

To talk with Serena, please contact her at:

Serena Mellen

Juice Plus

Tel: 604 925-3003

Cell: 778 320-2001

Interviewed by Nicklas Ehrlich, MSW, RCC, RSW

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