Member Spotlight – May 2014

Allyson Butt Nicklas Ehrlich

Allyson Butt

Revive Organize—Restoring FLOW through organizing spaces.


Allyson describes herself as being a “nurse-practitioner for the home.” She diagnoses the problem, develops a treatment plan, and supports clients in moving from the pain of congested space to a state of FLOW. Her passion in life is exploring the relationship between the external environment and one’s state of mind.

Prior to starting her business, Allyson worked for 20 years as a technical writer, a career that contributed to her finely honed organizational and creative problem-solving skills as well as her abilities to think both critically and holistically. When her work circumstances changed, Allyson was encouraged to try entrepreneurship for three months. That was several years ago. Motivated by her deep-seated drive to make a tangible difference to others, Allyson draws on her strengths as a go-getter and a quick learner.

One of the best pieces of business advice that Allyson received is to make sure that your clients appreciate the value of your work; show the full price on the invoice before applying a discount. She also encourages new entrepreneurs to read Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why. Since one of the main pitfalls for new entrepreneurs is an insufficient cash flow, Allyson recommends having at least 3-6 months of savings in place for living expenses.

Allyson points to the “30 second infomercial” at networking events as her greatest challenge. She overcame this challenge through joining Toastmasters and learning stand-up comedy to refine her presentation skills.

Allyson’s greatest personal achievement is raising her daughter to be a beautiful, loving, generous person. Her diverse interests include travel, poker, Iyengar yoga, and attending Buddhist retreats.

Allyson appreciates SWAN both for being a well-run organization and for providing a supportive environment to practice networking skills and gain clients.

To learn more about Allyson’s business, contact her at, or check out her website,

Interviewed by Susan Chambers

Nicklas Ehrlich, MSW, RCC, RSW

Vital Synergy Mind Fitness Inc.

From an early age, Nicklas has been aware of people, their circumstances, and their suffering. She has dedicated over 33 years educating, motivating, and helping others to transform their lives through her work as a psychotherapist, counsellor, life and career coach, hypnotherapist, advanced neurofeedback trainer, and seminar leader. Her business is Vital Synergy Mind Fitness Inc.

What’s important for us to understand about the work she does is summed up in the following excerpt from a recent blog post: “Your brain can be programmed for failure and you may not even know it. If your subconscious is programmed for failure, your best efforts at making healthy choices and good plans can still be sabotaged. This is because our subconscious mind controls 95% of our brain and is guiding our thoughts, feelings, choices, and behaviour without our even being aware of it.” To read the full article Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and learn more about what you can do to reprogram your brain, please go to

As a SWAN member, Nicklas has connected with other professional women who have been both enjoyable to meet and do business with. She has also enjoyed her volunteer role interviewing SWAN members for their spotlight in the monthly newsletter.

Having overcome her own obstacles in business and continuing to learn and grow, she offers new entrepreneurs the following words of encouragement: Trust yourself and what you are passionate about, and have the courage to follow this with proactive steps. Also, be willing to learn as you go, being flexible enough to change perceptions and directions for the healthiest outcome.

To learn more about Nicklas and her business please visit


Interviewed by Jennifer Neudecker

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