SWAN Song – February 2015

Linda Mackie Professional Photographer
What do you think it is costing you to NOT have professional photos for your business?

How are you representing yourself online vs in person?

Are you showing up differently or the same?

These are questions that entrepreneurs and business owners have to ask themselves in order to get noticed and position themselves as an expert.

In my 10+ years of doing professional photography I noticed that people in business often struggle to stand out and get noticed and connect with their ideal client. How they represent and sounds in the Real World often doesn't match with how they were present themselves in the virtual world i.e. online in their website and social media and marketing materials.
Potential clients now have the ability and the desire more than ever to see and have a feel for who you are and what you do before they decide to connect with you. This has actually become a requirement for most people who are looking to do business.
The ability to raise your profile, communicate your brand and position yourself as an expert becomes more clear when you invest in professional photos. It shows you care about your professional image and how you show up to your potential clients. This fact alone could be costing you connecting with your ideal customer.
In my career as professional photographer I developed the ability to see and get to know people and intimate level and to create that natural authenticity in my work for my clients. I work with professionals like you to create portraits that authentically match who you are in person to how you present yourself online and in your marketing materials.

That's why I'm happy to share with YOU, 3 PRACTICAL
that will help you get noticed and attract the people and
clients who are right for you.

1. Be clear on who you are, what you offer and how you want to show up
and present yourself to the world.

Get in touch with your core values for successful personal branding by
replying to these question:
• What do you stand for?
• Why do you do what you do?
• What is your gift to the world?
• Are you authentic in how you present yourself to potential clients, both virtually and in real life?

2. Match who you are in the real world to how you present yourself in the virtual world.

What do your graphics, imagery and portraits say about you in your marketing materials, social media profiles and websites? Are you a Volkswagen online, but a Ferrari in real life?

3. Create images that speak to the brand that is you.

You are your brand so a very important part of the process is to create images that present you and what you love to do in the best light and most authentic way so that you attract clients and people into your life who are right for you.
Most business owners and entrepreneurs often skip these steps because either they don't realize that they need to be clear on these strategies, or they blindly throw together their marketing materials with very little or no thought to the most effective creative strategy that will help them achieve the results they want.
Seeing people shine and succeed in what they love to lights me up and, in turn, makes me happy and shine in what I love to do!

If you can relate, I invite you to book a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation with me to learn how you can achieve the results you need to attract your best clients through authentic visual imagery. You will learn how together we can:
• Create authentic images that communicate your message
• Design your brand so that there is congruency between your offline and online world
• Plan how to best photograph you and where.
• Achieve the results you need to attract your best clients.

Linda Mackie
Professional Photographer

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