Member Spotlight – February

Blanche Boyce, BA, MMQ
Registered Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressureand Master of Medical Qi Gong

Ten years ago, Blanche serendipitously came across a couple of books on a subject she had never heard of, Jin Shin Do. Intrigued by the wisdom of what she read, and how it complemented her Martial Arts background, Blanche decided to pursue training.

She has since become a registered Jin Shin Do Therapist, and has obtained a Masters in Medical Qi Gong.

Jin Shin Do is Japanese for “The Way of the Compassionate Spirit”. It utilizes acupressure, similar to acupuncture, but without needles.

Medical Qi Gong is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi means “life force energy”, and  Gong means “benefits acquired through perseverance and practice”.

Somewhat like yoga, Qi Gong uses movement, posture, breath work, imagery and intention to improve the circulation of qi throughout the body.

A Medical Qi Gong Therapist uses these techniques to affect the qi flow in others.  As the qi begins to flow more smoothly, the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of the body begin to relax and regenerate.  Ultimately, health and longevity are improved.

Blanche feels privileged to practice these ancient, esoteric disciplines.  She loves the continued learning and working with people. “It’s like solving a puzzle, hearing the stories and then seeing the results”.  She believes that “taking time for oneself is key to good health”.  Additionally, this work creates balance within her own life.

SWAN has given Blanche the opportunity to introduce herself and her work. She says, “It’s a wonderful place to gently slip out of your comfort zone”.

For more information contact Blanche at or 604-760-4344

Interviewed by Lianne Shyry

Una Fester
Natural Health Consultant

Una’s  sparkle is the first thing you notice. This 70 something woman has the energy and shine of someone 20 years her junior.  When she retired from a long career of teaching music to diverse students of all ages, in her native South Africa and in East Vancouver,  Una became passionate about  teaching people how to get healthy.

Inspired by her grown son, who had a young family and was working too hard, she became concerned by what she saw as a steady loss of his vibrancy and health.  She began researching ways to help him get healthy . Being sceptical about the pharmaceutical companies, she started looking at alternatives.

Una has several stories of people she has met and worked with, who have inspired her to learn and teach the value of essential oils, determining biomarkers and the various health products of the ForeverGreen line.

Una’s involvement with SWAN North Vancouver began when our group was just starting.  Despite having moved to White Rock 8 years ago, she continues to participate, enjoying  the energy of the vibrant women she meets each month.

Una  can provide you with information resources, consultation and unique products designed to help you live healthy – naturally.  It really is apparent --  it’s how she lives it!

Find Una at:

Interviewed by Chris Klar

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