Member Spotlight – March

Nahid Pak, NASTAX Inc.


Believing in herself, looking at problems as "challenges" and never losing confidence, are Nahid's greatest qualities. It has not always been easy to build her life twice – once in Iran and once in Canada. She sometimes found it discouraging that just because she wasn't fluent in English, her Master's degree and experience wasn't always recognized. Yet, successfully navigating these challenges proved to her that she was stronger than she thought.

After working in the field of accounting, tax and payroll for non-profits and accounting firms, Hahid decided it was time to open her own company. Before doing so however, she carefully considered the greatest business advice she'd ever been given: Would someone who already owns that type of business ask you to run theirs? If not, don't do it! Obviously, she was proud to answer that question in the affirmative and she's never looked back.

When asked what she likes most about being a member of SWAN, Nahid says, "It is a great way of getting and receiving valuable advice in a warm and friendly atmosphere." Always with accounting on her mind, she added, "As time goes by in SWAN, we make deposits into our relationship accounts and then we can withdraw many times over. I believe in that." To that end, she loves this quote by Elizabeth Bibesco: "Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting."

Email Nahid at or visit her website

Phone: 778-340-0231

Interviewed by Karen Dodd

Marney Jung

Marney's Bookkeeping

Marney grew up in a family of accountants, so doing books comes naturally, and she’s worked in the accounting/bookkeeping field all her life. She was with the Royal Bank for more than 20 years, till the economy caused layoffs. She returned to school to upgrade computer skills and start her own business. Her experience in credit, debit and explaining was invaluable. She now runs Marney’s Bookkeeping, doing all the prep work for accountants (much as hygienists do for dentists).

At first Marney felt unprotected and out of her comfort zone, but came to realise that her business was an opportunity to show clients what she could do for them. SWAN introduced Marney to people in diverse fields, and interesting speakers, which helped her professionally and personally. She encourages new entrepreneurs to be well trained, take pride in their accomplishments, learn from mistakes, move forward and remember that enthusiasm is contagious!

Marney has a husband and two grown sons. The separation of home and business is a challenge, and her greatest achievement was going back to school. Though she had not studied full-time in years, she achieved honours while managing a family and working part-time in the evening – not easy, but Marney took pride in showing it could be done! “Looking back I do not know how I did it and do not know if I could do that again.”

When she’s not bookkeeping or having ideas for her clients, Marney can be found sewing, baking and reading. (250 words)

Contact Marney at 604-417-2304 and website (being completed as we write)

Interviewed by Kathy Brett
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