President’s Message

Do SWANs migrate?
The North American Mute Swan stays close to home while Trumpeter, Whistling and Tundra Swans are migratory species.

Why do they go?
As a long time SWAN member, I suspect migrators seek different resources and varied connections. Seasons (businesses) change and SWANS flock to new environments with fewer predators (competition), more food (customers) and an ecological (entrepreneurial) desire for change.

Will they return?
Yes. I am an Optimist SWAN. When they return is arBIRDary (pun), however our current SWAN flock has reached non-operational numbers and the SWAN Board has decided to dissolve the SWAN society.

The flyaway.
You are invited to SWAN’s last meeting on Thursday, May 18th – complimentary. Kindly register here.


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Thursday, May 18th Come network! Annual General Meeting and Dissolution of the Society with TED Talks and discussion. Registration now open!

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SWAN Executive

President – Heather Walker
Vice President – Position Open
Treasurer – Julie Scott
Secretary – Tamara MacDonald
Communications – Lara Hildebrandt
Membership – Linda Mackie
Social Alliance Director – Linda LeQuesne
Volunteer Coordinator – Diane Travis
Member at Large – Joanne Mulhall
Member at Large – Lisa Morris
Past President (inactive) - Dana Smithers
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